The start of the remove melasma operation

How to drive away these uninvited guests, but also own a “clean” the face of it? As long as you do the following, there will be a big surprise and harvesting Oh! You can also learn about how to change your facial structure“, click here

One will be carried out in the end sunscreen

Freckle sun are the most important aspect, but also to prevent the spot an important factor for a rebound. The fall such as the summer sun is not so “warm”, but UVA is still in existence would make you “change” Oh!

Tips – leave home, do not forget to wipe sunscreen, select the SPF value of 15 can be a; bring sun umbrellas, to prepare for emergency.

Remove melasma new methods in the home

Here are some of your secret recipe for freckle prevention and elimination of freckles aspects Oh but very effective.

☆ ☆ lemon and cucumber:

20 days per year for operations, after the face wash, add layers of lemon juice and cucumber juice to maintain the 40-50 minutes, then wash, apply a skin cream, whitening effect.

☆ ☆ carrot Law:

2 key add 20 drops of carrot juice, lemon juice, 20-30 minutes after the wash, apply a skin cream.

☆ ☆ Tomato juice:

In a tomato juice to add a spoonful of glycerine. At least one meeting a day with this liquid face 10 minutes, then wash my face clean, dry skin can be painted skin cream point. Long-term use, freckles are dim, and even completely disappear.

☆ ☆ radishes and tomatoes films:

Will face wash, skin cream coating, and then in the face by putting up a few tomatoes and carrot slices after 30 minutes, then wash cold milk.

☆ ☆ lemon juice with milk:

Oily skin or neutral person, regular use of lemon juice plus milk to wash our face, can whitening skin.

Why have adult acne?

Dermatologists consider “adult pox” because apart from the emergence of more sebum secretion, acne, pores Keratocyst pace the breeding of germs and destruction are “the chief culprit.” Pox adults, regardless of the emergence of the regular season, the forehead, surrounding the mouth, the cheeks are the hardest hit, but also in the same site duplication “hair pox.”

The source of acne – acne genus of good fat to grease as nutrients, reproduction is low in the air environment, so hiding in the pores inside. Truly effective acne care, except applied to the skin surface, but also necessary for repair acne bacteria breeding homes – pores. Therefore, the key to dealing with adult chicken pox are dissolved keratinocytes, sebaceous follicles to clear blocked catheters, to avoid being stranded sebum and dead cells pile up, thereby preventing bacteria breeding in the hypoxic environment.

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