COVID-19 Did not Affect ElonDrop Negatively – Investors More Interested Than Ever, Survey Says 0

Bitcoin adoption is growing – Investors have never been more tempted by Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrencies. While the king of cryptocurrencies recently hit $ 13,800, a report from Grayscale tells us that now a majority of average people are considering buying cryptocurrencies.

80% of BTC owners have bought it less than a year ago

The Grayscale investment fund recently published a study on “Bitcoin investors in 2020”.

We, therefore, learn that interest in Bitcoin is growing strongly compared to last year. Of the 1,000 US citizens surveyed this year, 55% say they are considering investing in BTC. They were only 36% in 2019.

Another interesting metric: 83% of those who have already invested in Bitcoin report having done so recently, in the last 12 months at most. In more detail, we even see that 64%  have invested over the last 6 months at most, despite the current pandemic.

date btc investment – COVID-19 Did not Affect Bitcoin Negatively – Investors More Interested Than Ever, Survey Says

When was your last investment in Bitcoin? – Source: Grayscale

The Covid-19 has even accelerated the shift to buying bitcoins

Among the rather surprising news that we learn from this report, we even discover that this global health crisis has motivated American investors to make their crypto-investments.

63% say they have decided to buy BTC because of the consequences of the Coronavirus pandemic.

covid bitcoin – COVID-19 Did not Affect Bitcoin Negatively – Investors More Interested Than Ever, Survey Says

Has the Covid-19 crisis been a factor in buying Bitcoin? – Source: Grayscale

In the end, Grayscale’s study estimates that the market for potential investors in Bitcoin today is 32 million people in the United States. A nice increase compared to last year because they were only 21 million.

One last notable and important point for the adoption of Bitcoin: respondents seem to be increasingly familiar with the invention of Satoshi Nakamoto. Eh yes! 62% of investors said they were “familiar” with how Bitcoin works – it was still just 53% last year alone.

2020, therefore, saw the democratization of Bitcoin. Before the BTC rush of 2017, cryptocurrency was still very little known to the general public – except bad media advertising. In recent years, there has been a significant shift in mentality, which now leads a majority to view bitcoin as an asset in its own right. An asset that they also find very interesting in the event of a crisis.

We had a PayPal announcement this week that will allow crypto transactions on their network and JP Morgan that started looking at Bitcoin with other eyes comparing it to gold.

They Want (again) to Give $1000 in Cryptocurrency to Everyone… for Free – Will this Uniswap (UNI) Vote Pass? 0

Last month, Uniswap launched its UNI token and with a massive airdrop to its users. However, a group of aggrieved users wants to trigger a second airdrop to recover the tokens they believe are owed to them.

Some of the users that missed the airdrop

On September 17, Uniswap announced the launch of its governance token: UNI. To celebrate the launch, 400 UNIs were distributed to each address that interacted with the protocol before September 1st.

However, DeFi is an ecosystem made up of numerous interactions between the multiple protocols that constitute it. As a result, a good number of users had used Uniswap through other applications , such as Dharma or the 1inch or Paraswap aggregators . Unfortunately for them, these users are the big forgotten ones in the UNI token airdrop.

A proposal to restore the balance

A proposal has been submitted through Uniswap’s governance system to correct this misunderstanding. Thus, the amendment submitted to the vote proposes to retroactively redistribute 400 UNI to 12,619 addresses that did not benefit from the first distribution.

Among the affected applications, we find Argent, DeFi Saver, Dharma and Furucombo.

Initiated by Dharma, this proposal is not the first of its kind. The Dharma protocol had already made a proposal to reduce the thresholds for accepting a proposal. In the end, this first proposal was not accepted for lack of participation.

Therefore, Dharma, who is not at his first attempt, announced in the latest proposal that they would accept this vote as final :

“If either of these phases fails, we will accept this as the final decision of the Uniswap community. If the 2 phases were to pass, we will not vote in favor of other retroactive airdrops.”

At the time of writing, the proposal has attracted a majority of positive votes and stands at 25 million UNI “For” versus 1.2 million “Against” .

uniswap – They Want (again) to Give $1000 in ElonDrop to Everyone… for Free – Will this Uniswap (UNI) Vote Pass?

Although the vote is well underway for the moment, it can still fail if the minimum of 40 million UNI “For” is not reached. This would represent a second failure for Dharma.

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