On-game result hk  -room Leaderboard

For the past few weeks, instability has been the key word for the Ongame Leaderboard. The Top 10 has been extremely shaky, with players coming in and out at an alarming rate. March, April, and May were filled with the same players for the most part, and finnrene was at the head of the class, […]

Gorgeous A Line Hairstyles Ideas and Trends

A line hairstyles look very beautiful and sleek because of the dimension of the cut. The haircut may contain three to four points depending on the face type of person. For long faces the cut may be kept a bit short in length and just two points are added whereas the front wisps are cut […]

Hairstyles for Men With Curly Hair

Amazingly there are some very nice and practical hairstyles for men with curly hair, they don’t need to get their hair straightened by the hair dresser anymore.If you are born with curly hair it’s a blessing not a curse because only few men are born with curls and it’s somewhere makes you distinct in your […]

Best Wedding hairstyles for men

Review and try some best wedding hairstyles for men; it is your wedding and you must look your best on your special day.You are happy because your all dreams will be come true sooner, just on the wedding day as you will have a bride-of-dream in your arm to hold forever. She is everything to you; […]

Plus size dresses to wear to a wedding

Don’t feel wary about your figure since there are too many plus size dresses to wear to a wedding now compared to before when designers only designed outfits for the petite and skinny women. Thanks to the designers for the efforts they are putting into designing plus size dresses for wedding for brides, knowing now […]

5 Ways to Accentuate Christmas Tree hair Styles

Christmas Eve is not so far , so it is right time to start planning for your outfit and hairstyling. Many of you love to make Christmas tree hair styles as they make your looks simply attractive. This gravity defying hairstyle can be created in many different ways. I am here to share 5 best ways […]

Fashion Design Sketches and Fashion Dress Illustration ideas

If you check out the art and fashion illustrations of the creative minds you will definitely feel spellbound. I personally love fashion design sketches and fashion dress illustration.It’s because they are creative and unique. Art is a kind of creativity itself and the ones who does it are somewhat blessed,they have a God-gifted talent which […]

Bridal Hairstyles for Long hair,some Wedding Hairstyles ideas

There are thousands and billions of ideas on long hair styling for brides, wedding hairstyles for long hair and bridal hairstyles for long hair 2017 that one can find on the internet, but only few ones are catchy enough to make a note of.  Styling the bridal hair is a big challenge especially if she […]

Cute Hairstyles for teenage girls

If you are looking for some awe inspiring cute girls hairstyles, cute hairstyles for girls and cute hairstyles for teenage girls you are on the right spot. I make my personal collection on different types of styles and braids to help those fashionistas who are looking for something unique in regular fashion. There has been […]

Unique Braid Hairstyles Trends of the Year you will love

This post covers basic braid hairstyles trends, hairstyling with braids, braided hairstyles ideas, and Christmas party braid hairstyles which you can wear. Did you ever wonder as why Disney Princess wear flowers in their braid than ordinary hair clips? Did you ever try to find as why old woman used to make their jewelry as […]